Need a payday cash advance to help you celebrate birthday?

A lot of people enjoy celebrating birthday. If you count yourself amongst them but have just looked at your bank balance and decided that it simply is not going to happen, then you may wish to consider a payday cash advance.

What exactly is that and how might it help?

Not all the loans that we need are for large amounts of money and for major purchases such as cars, furniture and even houses.

birthday cash advance helpSometimes we just fancy treating ourselves and having a good time. Perhaps that is not normally a problem and you can pay for it out of your normal monthly pay, however, life doesn’t always work out in line with our plans and ideas.

It may be that you have been hit with several unexpected bills and, as a result, there is no way you are going to be able to go out for birthday unless you have a small but urgent cash injection.

That is where a payday cash advance may come in handy. You can apply online for a relatively small amount of money ($300) and if your application is approved it could be in your account within as little as 2 hours.

To be eligible to apply, you may only need to show that you are in permanent employment and earning a regular salary or wage – plus that you are in possession of a US bank account with an associated US bank debit card.

On your next payday, the payday loan provider will simply debit your card to recover the amount plus the charges that you will previously have agreed to, covering the provision of the loan.

As this borrowing is generally for small amounts of money, you may find that your application will be accepted even if you have some prior credit history issues on your records.

Keeping in a loved one’s good books with payday loans (without credit check)

There may be nothing worse than the dawning realisation that someone close to you may be in for a major disappointment because you forgot an important birthday or anniversary. If you forgot about it, it may be a fair bet that you also forgot to budget for it, so retrieving the situation with a fast payday loans may be your only hope. But what about credit check? How to avoid credit check? Really how?! Easy – do not need credit checks 🙂 Whether you are more concerned about the disappointment of your loved one or the implications for you and your relationship with them doesn’t really matter. It is all perfectly avoidable.

A payday loan no credit check may do exactly what you may expect. You can typically:

1. Apply online – the short application process for these fast money loans usually takes no time at all (a few minutes).
2. Get a fast decision – you’ll get a rapid decision one way or another.
3. See the money pop up in your account in as little as couple of hours (or the very next day) if your application is approved.
4. This may allow you to retrieve your position in your loved one’s good books and they may not even have noticed your slip-up.

payday loan cash

Form of borrowing may be something you can fall back on if you are working in a permanent job that has regular pay days, over 18, the owner of a bank account (with debit card attached to it),
applying for an amount that is realistic when you consider that it needs to be paid back in one instalment from your next pay together with interest and any fees.
Payday loans may be unique in the borrowing market place because lenders typically are not really interested in why you want the money.

This means that you may be able to borrow money for something (like a romantic meal out) that other lenders may consider to be frivolous – however much you may consider that you are in a life or death situation.

Your loan can typically be paid back using a debit card transaction on your account on your chosen payday (the amount will include interest and any admin fees), at which point the loan is closed off 😉

Looking for a payday loan fast?

It would be a nice world if we never needed a loan at any time but sadly, for most of us life just isn’t like that. Sometimes in the run-up to payday we can be a little short of cash when we need it and that’s when getting a payday loan fast may help.

How it operates?

In one respect, a payday loan is just like any other. You borrow money and you pay it back.

Yet it differs from conventional loans in many important respects:

1. you can often apply online by answering a few simple questions;
2. the amounts you borrow are typically smaller than in many traditional loans – the sort of size necessary to see you through to your next payday (around $100-$200 though this will depend on your lender);
3. on your next payday you pay the loan back in full plus the lender’s interest and charges – so you avoid lengthy loan repayment cycles;
4. the lender will typically recover the loan via an automatic debit to your bank account – you don’t have to remember to do anything;
5. although a quick credit reference check may be performed, given the smaller amounts and shorter terms, some forms of credit history troubles may be acceptable to the lender;
6. you’ll get a fast decision on your application and if it’s OK, the money will typically arrive in your bank account within a day or so at most;

So if you need a payday loan fast, you won’t find yourself bogged down in formalities!

Given the nature of these loans, the lenders typically ask less in terms of qualification criteria than many other types of lender.

They’ll generally want to know that you are permanently resident at a verifiable US address, have an active US bank account and are in permanent employment that generates a regular weekly or monthly income for you. Obviously you’ll also need to be asking for an amount of money that makes sense in terms of your monthly earnings. And you’ll usually need to be aged 18+.

These cash advance loans are offered by specialist payday loan providers that generally operate on the internet. So the next time you’re feeling the pinch one month and are in need of help, you know that you may be able to get a payday loan fast!

The prepaid credit card – what is it?

The prepaid credit card is not really a credit card at all, but a prepaid card. However, it is often called the former due to its similarities of use with a credit card.

The traditional credit card

The ordinary credit card has been around a long time now and is probably well known to all.

To all intents and purposes it is a form of credit that you can spend through the electronic use of your credit card.

The conventional card typically: has a pre-set credit limit, is offered based upon your earnings level and very probably your credit history, will incur interest charges for you if you do not pay back the spending at the end of the month.

Some credit card use may be controversial and has been the subject of speculation regarding its affects on encouraging debt.

The prepaid credit card

This is an entirely different approach.

These prepay cards work on the basis that you place money onto them. That can be done via a PayPal outlet or via a bank transfer from your own bank account. If you have an active card, a payday loan from lender can be used to top up your card.

Once a prepaid card has been loaded with an amount, you can use the card as per a normal credit card but you can only spend up to the amount you’ve loaded onto it.


This form of card means that: typically you can’t run-up debts on it, as there are no credits or debts involved, the providers typically don’t need to make credit checks on your background, may be useful for people who have been declined a credit card previously, as your card is PIN-protected, it’s safer than cash, you can use it at many ATMs both in the USA and abroad, you could give it to older children for controlled spending.

Some providers of these cards may also offer a supporting e-bank facility. This means that you could have your salary paid into this account and then download portions of it directly onto your card as required.


In the modern world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to survive without having a method of paying that involves a plastic card.

Paying via the internet or using automated ticket machines are just two examples of where cash and cheques may prove to be useless.

A prepaid credit card may allow you to take advantage of the modern information technology based society without the potential hassle and temptation to overspend often associated with a conventional credit card.

What is a payday cash loan?

The payday cash loan is a relatively new product in the financial marketplace.

It provides a facility to help you get through to your next payday if you’re temporarily short of cash because of a sudden unexpected expense or because you need to pick something up quickly and don’t have the money.

Amounts that you can apply to borrow do vary from payday loan company to payday loan company but typically they can range from around $100 – $1,500.

Applying is typically quick and easy. All you have to do is to fill in a simple online application. If it’s approved, the money will be sent directly to your account and could be there in just a few hours or a day or so at most.

On your next payday, the lender simply debits your bank account to recover the loan plus their previously agreed interest and other charges.

The payday cash loan is designed to be simple, fast and flexible. There are no lengthy repayment periods, and no lengthy formalities to complete. Given that you’ll be borrowing less and for a shorter period, you may even be eligible for a payday loan if you have some issues on your credit history.

To qualify for such a loan, you’ll just need to satisfy a few basic conditions including:

-you’ll need to be a United States of America resident at a permanent verifiable address
-an active US bank account to receive the monies sent by the lender and so they can recover the loan on the agreed date
-being in permanent employment and in receipt of a regular wage or salary
-asking to borrow an amount that is sensible in terms of your earnings levels

Payday loans are typically priced at a competitive level and in some cases may even be cheaper than some (unauthorised) bank overdraft facilities, as highlighted by a recent article in the NY POST.

Another thing that makes payday loans appealing is that they are typically not secured. In other words, the payday loan providers generally don’t ask for security over your goods, property or other assets as part of a positive decision.

That may give you additional peace of mind!

This form of short-term payday loan is typically offered by specialist providers that operate predominantly over the internet. If you have need of fast access to cash then a payday cash loan may be the answer for you.